360 SMS gateway & SMS management software allows you to create, manage, send and receive single or bulk SMS to your customers, partners, shareholders, employees, partners, suppliers to existing contact list or by importing from external sources like excel or other contact management software.

SDP API Integration(SMS, SMPP34)

SDP provides SMS capability application programming interfaces (APIs) for third-party applications to connect to it and use its SMS capability to send and receive SMS messages. 360 SMS gateway supports SDP solution & SDP integration with Ethiotelecom will be provided as part of the software license agreement.

Contact Importing & Management

  1. Import contact from CSV file
  2. Ability to import contact list to the system from Microsoft excel including names, amount, and other variable content to be sent to customers(partners)
  3. Manage imported contact by date, customer group, vehicle type, category, type…

SMS Gateway

  1. Sending bulk messages (campaign) based on existing contacts filtered with date, group, and/or from CSV file, Excel document.
  2. Two-way messaging: Enables single or bulk SMS sending to contact list based on the Ethio Telecom SMPP protocol
  3. Interactive Services: Provides interactive services with configurable short code & long code, ‘n’ level keyword – sub keyword categories, and workflow definitions based on user response.
  4. Sending messages by mobile number groups (category, industries, membership type…)
  5. Separate inbox and auto-reply for User groups based on wildcards (contains, starts with, ends with)
  6. Polls for a specific period (voting)
  7. Fast, reliable SMS connectivity to handle high volume SMS via Ethio Telecom SMPP for outbound and inbound connections.
  8. 360 SMS Gateway is message agnostic

Administration & Reports

  1. Message sending status (sent/failed)
  2. Maintain a report of message sent and the list of customers a message is sent to
  3. Outbox monitoring (sent, failed and pending messages
  4. Report generation based on date, message content, wildcards and more.
  5. Realtime incoming SMS monitoring.
  6. Separate inbox and auto-reply for User groups based on wildcards (contains, starts with, ends with)
  7. User and role management.
  8. Number black list management
  9. Supports stop/Start & other ethio telecom mandatory commands
  10. Control traffic with filtering rules based on message content, sender ID or receiver ID
  11. Delivery reports Unified error code mapping and live monitoring of delivery reports

Integration with Ethio Telecom

Integration service with Ethio Telecom to connect to it and use Ethio-Telecom SMS-SMPP services to send and receive SMS messages & manage customer subscriptions.

We carry out full integration & testing with Ethio Telecom as part of the software license agreement.

Integration with 3rd Party Software

  1. Provides sockets for two-way communication with other software you may use and want to integrate with the SMS gateway to send SMS notifications for example ERP, HR, CRM…
  2. Provides webhooks for integration with other systems.

Reliability & System Design

  1. Works Asynchronously with non-blocking IO meaning the system can take full advantage of the SMPP protocol with a minimal footprint.
  2. 99% uptime with almost zero crashes.
  3. The system is developed to accommodate connection timeouts gracefully.
  4. The connection is resumed automatically.