Integrated and effective full-service Human Resource Management Software to managing requirement, benefits, payroll and everything in between.

Human Resource

Lomi X is an intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable HRM solution for Small and Medium Enterprises in Ethiopia. The major design objective of Lomi X is to offer an intuitive, Easy-to-use HRM software for the business user, whether it’s a manager of a small company or a HR functional head of an Organization.

Lomi X brings a lot of benefits to organizations of different sizes and sectors to manage their employee’s static and dynamic datas effectively and efficiently. The major benefit for a Lomi X customer is the control they gets over the software when compared to other closed source peers.

Lomi HR gives an integrated feature list

  1. Personnel Information Management (PIM)
  2. Leave / Time off Management
  3. Time & Attendance Management
  4. Recruitment & On-Boarding
  5. Performance Performance & Training
  6. Travel & Expense Tracker
  7. Employment Compliance
  8. Mobile App
  9. System Administration & User Roles


Create, store, share, collaborate, and manage all your business documents in the cloud or in your server.

Document management system

Vital documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, technical papers, researches and other content are crucial for success. Yet, many organizations have documents stored all over the place — on desktop computers, network drives, email, USB sticks and in various consumer file sharing sites, 360’s powerful enterprise document management system is the answer.

Flexible Security Document Management System Options

360 provides configurable security profiles to enforce the correct access control of your important content to users.

  • Set user and group permissions to control who can read and who can modify documents
  • Powerful version control tracks who changed which document and when, with full roll back to a previous version if needed
  • Control of both the content and information about the documents (the metadata) removes unauthorised access

Easy Access to Content

360 document management makes it simple for users, with the right permissions, to access business-critical documents.

  • Organising content into sites and folders allows users to simply browse important files
  • Powerful search helps find key information within seconds
  • Filters and tags allow users to refine search criteria to reduce the number of documents returned – making it easy to find the right document

Finance &

Control your bottom line

Account, TAX & Billing

Integrated throughout Lomi X, lomi accounts consolidates all financial data into a single version of the financial truth. From accounting functions and cash management to analytics, budgets, TAX reporting, profit and loss.

What you get

  • Financial Reporting. Comprehensive and highly customizable financial and management reports.
  • Accounts Receivable. Advanced, easy-to-use debit/credit posting system for managing customer receivable records including customer orders, invoicing, cash receipts, and account status including agings, collection letters, reports and more.
  • Accounts Payable. A powerful Lomi X module to assists you in maintaining a cash flow analysis for your business. The Accounts Payable module maintains vendor invoices and payments, prints checks, and provides detailed invoice and payment history and extensive AP reporting capabilities.
  • Business Intelligence. Lomi X Finance  helps you identify profitable and unprofitable business areas with reports, e-mail alerts, advanced analytics, dashboards and more.
  • Expense Tracking and Reporting. This module simplifies and expedites the expense reporting and approval process.
  • Fixed Assets. All the information and tools you need to manage your investments and improve ROI.
  • General Ledger. Record all finance processes in a comprehensive general ledger
  • Invoicing. Elevate cash flow with an accurate and timely invoicing system.
  • Purchasing. Track vendor performance and simplify the purchasing process for a more efficient supply chain.

Sales &
Customer Relation

From making first contact to invoicing and follow up Lomi X gives you full customer and product insight.

Lomi Sales

Leverage customer and product insight and engagement capabilities, as well as core sales functions to go beyond traditional sales process.

Customer Management, Sales Order Processing Management, your company can act immediately to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness by using this Module. Lomi Sales module is all about retaining customers, improving customer loyalty and gaining customer insight. It will also help to you getting your customer order management easier day by day. Whether it is maintaining customer information, quickly creating a quote or migrating them to sales order or being responsive to your customers, we provide you right solution and efficient flow of information.

  • Quoting. Optimize your profit margin with an efficient and accurate quoting module.
  • Sales Orders. Improve efficiency with production, customer and order status just a “click” away.
  • Deliver and Distribution Management. Ensure you have all the tools and information to manage your shipments and meet strict delivery requirements on time and on/under budget.
  • Manage customers. Get insights about your customers at your fingertips. Create notes, tasks, and comments easily. Custom fields help your team keep track of the most relevant customer information for sales. View purchase histories and know when to cross-sell or up-sell.


Control your inventory, track inventory movement, optimize stock levels and improve cost control measures through reports.

Inventory Management Software

360’s real-time inventory software gives you the tools you need to manage your stock levels and improve your cost control processes. Our program makes it easy to print out insightful reports, track inventory movement and integrate this information with other modules in the 360 business management system.

With 360 inventory system you can

  1. Manage Items and Products
  2. View Item/Product Transaction History
  3. Manage Customers/Suppliers/Vendors
  4. Manage Orders
  5. Manage Item/Product transaction
  6. Multi Store Support
  7. Manage Reports


Produce efficiently & get to market quickly


Be quicker and nimbler with critical processes: work and cost center management, routings, bills of material, formulas and recipes, scheduling, replenishment, quality control, and production analysis.

Purchasing &

Buy smarter

Purchasing & Procurement

Every purchase matters. With Lomi X, you’ll understand all your purchase points with clarity, take advantage of the best pricing and discounts, and reallocate spending on the fly. Plus, you can handle issues like purchase orders, subcontracts, import declarations, and intercompany transactions with ease.


Profit, loss, income, expense…


Reports include General Ledger, Financial Statements, Profit & Loss Statements, Project Budget, Revenue Monitoring, Project Invoices, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Labor, Payroll, Inventory and so many others…

Why you need our software

6 Signs your business needs lomi x

As your business expands and its operations scale up, the conventional workflows and processes become inefficient to deal with rising complexities. As a result your business is left behind to face hampered productivity or even lose money. If you have been facing these 5 problems, then undoubtedly it is the time for a change:

  1. No growth
  2. Declining sales performance
  3. Chaotic administration
  4. Inventory Inaccuracy
  5. Insufficient Reporting on profit and loss
  6. Lack of collaboration between departments


Project Case Studies

Layer 8

Document Management system

Client: African Union

Layer 9

Integrated ERP

Client: Abeba Transport

Layer 10

Corporate Intranet

Client: ATA
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