360Ground Enriches Businesses with Seamless Mobile App Development, and Innovative Software Solutions from Inception.

Step into the future with 360Ground, your premier partner in digital innovation in Ethiopia. With years of unparalleled experience, we’ve cemented our reputation by delivering cutting-edge solutions to government agencies, financial powerhouses, and global enterprises, stewarding transactions worth billions of Birr with integrity and expertise. Our tailored tech solutions, from mobile banking to robust data management systems, are crafted to empower, simplifying complex processes and unlocking new realms of efficiency and strategic growth.

Our journey is marked by transformative projects that have reshaped public service delivery, set new benchmarks in fintech, and introduced international standards to the Ethiopian market. At 360Ground, we’re more than solution providers; we’re architects of a digital ecosystem designed for resilience, transparency, and impactful insights. Join us, and let’s script a digital narrative that stands the test of time.”

Mobile Banking

Transcend traditional banking with 360Ground. Experience financial freedom at your fingertips with our secure, efficient, and intuitive mobile banking design and development services tailored to Ethiopian Banks and financial institutions.

Mobile App Design & Development

Why be a needle in the app haystack when you can be a beacon? Our custom mobile applications are more than code; they're your brand in your audience's pocket. From mobile banking to education, we craft experiences that engage, empower, and excite.

Software Customization & Development

Propel your operations with 360Ground’s comprehensive application development services. We oversee the entire application lifecycle, prioritizing innovation, integration, security, and unparalleled performance. Rest assured with our dedicated support and peace of mind at every step.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Navigate the complexities of data with our bespoke MIS solutions. Whether off-the-shelf or customized, we provide the compass for your strategic planning, facilitating informed decision-making through organized, real-time data analysis. Streamline processes, bolster productivity, and navigate your way to unparalleled growth and performance.


Transform educational frameworks with our innovative e-learning platforms. Our solutions, from comprehensive management systems to interactive portals, are revolutionizing the way knowledge is disseminated and assimilated.

Data Lake

Harness the power of information with ELDIX's Data Lake solutions. Venture into a realm where structured and unstructured data coalesce in a robust, scalable, and secure environment. Propel your business to new heights with advanced analytics, strategic decision-making, and invaluable insights, all nestled within a centralized data repository.

Web Design & Development

Solidify your online presence with our superior web design and development solutions. We go beyond mere aesthetics; we are architects of digital experiences, crafting user-centric web applications and portals that resonate with your audience and align with your objectives.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Streamline your organizational workflows with our tailored ERP solutions. Encompassing everything from inventory to HR management, our systems provide real-time analytics and insights, enabling informed decision-making and seamless operations.


Embark on a journey of interactive learning platforms and e-commerce experiences that don't just sell but tell your story. Dive into digital landscapes where every click brings your customers closer, and every lesson is an adventure.


Revolutionize your IT infrastructure with our avant-garde DevOps services. Beyond automation, we are strategists committed to enhancing operational harmony, expediting delivery, and optimizing efficiency.

Cyber Security

Sleep soundly knowing your digital empire is guarded by our comprehensive cybersecurity services. We're your digital knights in cyber armor, shielding your assets and fortifying your kingdom against threats.

UI/UX Design

It's time for designs that do more than just look good. We craft digital journeys—intuitive, engaging, unforgettable—that turn visitors into loyalists and clients into advocates.