DSTv Qqueu Management System


Cross Platform Mobile & Web Application design and development


DSTV  Ethiopia


We designed & developed a queue management system that features a powerful embedded Queue Processor that operates in a stable, lightweight Linux OS environment. Encryption is used during data transmission to safeguard information especially when sensitive data such as mobile number, PIN code, financial figures, etc. are involved.

Some of the key system features are:

  • Payment Collection: Customers can easily make payment by interacting with the display.
  • Web Based Solutions: System monitoring, reporting, maintenance and control can be performed remotely via standard web browser.
  • Customer Feedback: User can manage the rating questionnaires to be displayed on the customer feedback devices. Customers’ rating are captured and presented in real time.
  • Dashboard Views: Allow key performance indicator in queue service and QoS to be monitored easily and swiftly in real time.
  • Report Designer: Besides the standard reports, user is empowered to design their own report by selecting the desired QMS metrics and groupings.
  • QMS App Support: The mobile app offers great convenience and time saving to the