CISSA Committee of intelligence & Security Services of Africa was established on 26 August 2004 in Abuja, Nigeria by Heads of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa. CISSA’s raison d’etre is to assist the African Union and all its institutions to effectively address the seemingly intractable security challenges confronting Africa. CISSA came to 360Ground with an existing website that didn’t live up to their personality: modern, secure, and user friendly. However, like any other company that’s been around that long, they eventually needed a refresh.


It was a privilege to work with the African Union Peace and Security Committee; we couldn’t wait to get on board. Our mission was to avoid the issues and so we set to work. For the home page we went casual presenting information that visitors want up front: company profile, contact info, and location. Simple was our design concept we came up with a clean and sophisticated design so that it was easier for people to navigate and have a better user experience. Using readable font styles and sizes helped create elegant front-end effects.


Keeping the site up to date was our priority. We specifically comprise news and upcoming events on the home page to let potential viewers know what’s happening around the continent.


Translation of content was on our ‘to do’ list because of the websites multilingual feature. In addition, Google Map on the website is capable of providing directions and makes it very easy to plan routes for those who want to visit the organization.

News, Events & Media

The focal point of the web project was Search Engine Optimization. By selecting the right keywords, placing quality images, and a unique URL we improved CISSA’s search engine rankings. Overall a richer more varied site, yet still easy to maintain and use – and fully responsive was outcome of the project.

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