It is now over 17 years since the release of version 1.0 of Wazéma System, in July 2000. In 2007, Microsoft released its first font with Ethiopian characters: Nyala; alas, available only to those who have acquired its latest operating system, Windows Vista. Fear not: Wazéma2003 offers you, free of charge, three Unicode compatible TrueType fonts (A0 Desta Unicode, A0 Addis Abeba Unicode, A0 Tesfa Unicode).
Wazéma2003 is the latest version of Wazéma System, fully Unicode compatible, and freely available @
Its strict adherence to the fundamental rules of the Ethiopian script, as laid out by our forefathers, as well as its compatibility with the international standard, the completeness, speed and ease of use of its keyboard system as well as the quality of its fonts, make of Wazéma System the ideal tool for Ethiopian computing.
For those involved in or interested by Ethiopian computing standardization, Wazéma2003 will provide them with features and aspects nowhere else available.

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