A truly technology revolution giving Ethiopians at home & abroad access to books written by Ethiopian authors.


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Mobile App Design
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With Lomi Books, we’ve enabled Ethiopians at home and abroad to buy and read books from the comfort of their home using nothing but their mobile phone.

Lomi Books: (1st and the only of its kind in Ethiopia) Currently 50page books are being sold for 70birr and their distribution volume is limited to 10,000pcs, this is if we’re talking about the best selling books. Imagine, 10,000 books for a population of 100 Million+, just 0.01 book/person? Just absurd!

Lomi Books is a digital book store and publishing platform where Ethiopian authors can legally publish their books and where readers of any number can buy and read books with their smartphone. More importantly, we’ve solved a cost issue that discouraged authors from publishing books. Currently, authors can be required a minimum of 30,000birr or more for a 1,000pcs/50page book but with Lomi, we don’t charge anything. We publish books free of charge.

There is so much problem in our country and the center of it is blame. Change starts within and we want to bring about that change. We want to create a generation that reads and a generation that reads solves problems not blame them on someone else or something. We want to make knowledge accessible and affordable to anyone.

We want to create a sustainable ecosystem of suppliers(authors, small businesses…), and consumers(readers, users…). By creating a supplier & consumer-focused product, we ensure our products can evolve with their needs and thus ensures an accelerated growth and social impact.