Mobile App Design & Development

Hand over your Andriod & iOS app project to us so we can support your company growth & enable digital transformation

Software Customization & Development

Create complex enterprise software, customize ERP systems, reliable software integration, modernize your legacy system

Website & eCommerce Development

Web, eCommerce & application development with insights to generate visitors and higher conversation with measurable results

For over 10 years. We design & develop digital products and experiences that help clients grow, innovate, and transform. We transform businesses with powerful and adaptable digital solutions that satisfy the needs of today and unlock the opportunities of tomorrow.

Meda Chat

Chat, Pay & Play

Meda Chat is a categorically disruptive mobile app merging the gap between social media, mobile banking & entertainment creating a multi-purpose social and commerce application.

Amole mPOS

We designed, developed & maintain Amole mPOS mobile & web app. It’s a multifaceted Mobile Point-of-Sale platform for Amole / Dashen Bank used at all bank branches, agents and merchants.

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