There are many reasons why SMS is considered an effective way of communication. Some of the most common reasons are;


Compared with other forms of communication, SMS is a very cost-effective and incredibly practical, reliable, and affordable method of communication.

For employee and internal communication and announcements, SMS is almost 4 times cheaper than paper and printing ink costs.

Extensive Reach

Statistics of mobile communication users is 8-9 times more, compared to other communication channels. It has advantages over the normal telephone, fax, email & social media. The client receives the message instantly. Messages can be sent to a large number of clients.


Messages can be delivered to the recipient in seconds all depending on the specific gateway used, route of delivery, and coverage of the mobile operator.


Instead of crafting a message and then sending it to each client, one message is created and then sent to a whole group of clients. It can be sent at once to a large group automatically


As SMS is a personal communication facility, receiving it would not go unnoticed and it also grabs the attention of the receiver since there will be the ‘ding’ on the recipients’ phone.

SMS Delivery

SMS is a reliable communication system, guaranteeing almost 100 % deliveries to the receiver. Messages are delivered immediately (or when the phone is turned on).

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